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Free StepWalk Pedometer Download For Android

Free StepWalk Pedometer Download For Android

Free StepWalk Pedometer Download For Android- Stepwalk is an application stacked with helpful gimmicks like a pedometer for strolling. By strolling with your gadget, record the quantity of steps that have been taken and your area data. 

This application has been guaranteed sheltered by outsider associations. 

Points of interest of the application gimmicks are as takes after: 

- Pedometer 

Tallying the quantity of steps that have been taken and showcases time, separation and calories. 

To maintain a strategic distance from undesirable tallying steps, it will begin recording from step 10. (In any case not when in slumber mode.) 

By turning off the "Tally" on the fundamental screen, you can impair the pedometer. 

* For area data recovery administration with the pedometer, when the "Tally" turned off, "Area" will likewise be turned off. 

- Graph 

Sunday · Month Rank of number of recorded steps are shown as charts. ("Rank" emphasizing 50 days in the recorded steps.) 

By selecting the "Presentation calorie" on the menu screen design, you additionally can see the graph of calories. 

You can set the pace and weight of a particular date in the "Day". 

- Map 

Presentations recorded strolling courses. On the off chance that GPS is on when strolling, a "follow" will be shown and the "pin" will be shown if the GPS is turned off and the "Use remote systems" is empowered. 

By turning off the "Area" on the fundamental screen, you can turn off the area choice. 

- Time determination 

By selecting a deadline, the surmised area of the time will be demonstrated on the guide as "smaller than usual football". 

- View Photos 

Any photographs taken amid the day will be shown at the bottom. 

Select a photograph (in the middle setting by swiping) will show the surmised area of where the photograph was brought at the guide with the "fortune midsection". 

Tap a photograph to amplify. 

. Email Location Info 

Area data will make your URL join area on Google Maps and will open the mail or a SMS application. 

By submitting this to somebody who you need to educate your area, the beneficiary will have the capacity to see your area on Google Maps (or web application). 

- Settings 

Set the pace, weight, pedometer affectability and area exactness (GPS, system). 

- Backup, restore and control 

You can reinforcement and restore the information from the principle menu. 

For more subtle elements, please see the help area in the application menu. ("?" Icon

StepWalk PedometerStepWalk Pedometer
Note ***

- Display screen once after establishment.

* Task executioner application will compel quit the application that works out of sight. Utilizing this application will keep an exact estimation.

- Positioning by GPS alone will expend power.

We try our hardest to lessen power utilization, yet utilization will rely on upon the quantity of GPS collector on your gadget.

- When the gadget is in slumber mode intermittently to check in the event that you are running or not.

This is to manage the dangerous gadget needs a pedometer sensor amid slumber mode.

Handling will intermittently stop 2 hours in the wake of going into slumber mode or after you quit rushing to save power.

At the point when awakening slumber mode, intermittent handling will continue again every time the gadget is in slumber mode.

* We have reached Trend Micro Inc. on our application caught by Virusbuster and we have been told that they couldn't find any dangers. If you don't mind contact Trend Micro Inc. on the off chance that any false positives.
Size: 2.1m 
Current Version: 1.68 
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

Download StepWalk Pedometer Here

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 Free StepWalk Pedometer Download For Android

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