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Anime Arena v2.20.150328 APK

Anime Arena v2.20.150328 APK

Anime Arena v2.20.150328 APK- 《Anime Arena》has formally arrived in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Have you ever envisioned Luffy versus Naruto? 

《Anime Arena》makes your second component dream materialize! 

This is a just took the ribbon off new activity card fight amusement, with several traditional anime characters surging in a fight, pushing the diversion to its peak . 

Excessively fascinating, making it impossible to quit playing it! 

With rich amusement scenes and rushed fight pace, 

《Anime Arena》gets you directly into the activity. 

Likewise, established characters have upgraded with our new outline; 

Activating activity can be interfaced right away; 

Rich decisions of arrangements offer you technique setting aside a few minutes! Initially ever blend aptitude, 

recombine an awesome new warrior with your amigo! 

Activity co-assaulting and cool stacking impact, appreciate the joy of fabulous! 

Anime Arena v2.20.150328 APK

1. Revamping of excellent 

- Hundreds of anime characters strikingly reproduced by top notch workmanship group; 

- Fully upgraded adorable saints basing on exemplary stories are alluring! 

2. Cleaned maps 

- Variant maps and scenes makes you wait! 

- Main city is connected with layering innovation , empowering you to change to inaccessible, center or close visual-range mode! 

- Characters are moving at diverse velocities while running in distinctive layers of the scene .Bring you a clear affair! 

3. Furious fights 

- Awesome aptitudes! Discharge extreme expertise once increasing full fierceness point! 

- Instant meddling took into account fight framework gets you directly into each battle! 

- Various engaging statuses, live it up! 

4. Arrangement system 

- Single, even, vertical, cross, full class...explore the potential outcomes of assault introduction! 

-Full tank, DPS, helping, controlling… general positions to pick! 

- Multitudinous arrangements! Diverse arrangement has distinctive extra properties. 

5.First-ever blend and co-assaulting! 

- When accomplices with joining connection chain joins the battle and you both have full fierceness point, you can empower consolidating! Incredible new warrior, you are justified, despite all the trouble! 

- When accomplices with co-assaulting connection chain joins the battle and you both have full wrath point, you can empower co-assaulting! Cool abilities are just pipe dream!

—custom administration — 


Administration mailbox:service@okgame.tw 

Anime Arena/ What's New in v2.20.150328 

Substance included: 

1. Recuperation framework to crumble or resurrection legend; 

2. Kindred Guide Book; 

3. 2 shiny new Heroe; 

4. Day by day VIP Reward;

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Anime Arena v2.20.150328 APK
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