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Ad Blocker "Adblock" to be different in iOS and Android

Ad Blocker "Adblock" to be different in iOS and Android

Ad Blocker "Adblock" to be different in iOS and Android- Once released as a Beta, now EYeo as application developers AdBlock Plus ad blocker formally presenting the application to the platform Android and iOS.

Adblock Plus on a mobile device is available in the form of a browser application itself under the name AdBlock browser. In contrast to the platform PC / desktop, AdBlock Plus comes as a plug-in popular browsers.

Together with experience in desktop, AdBlock browser for mobile also allows users browsing faster without having to see or run ads.

Users also be able to create a whitelist, which sites are still allowed to show ads.

Quoted KompasTekno of Tech Crunch, Wednesday (09/09/2015), the application claimed by pngembangnya can provide a faster browsing experience, in addition to conserve battery power and mobile data.
Ad Blocker "Adblock" to be different in iOS and Android

Previously, AdBlock Plus was banned by Google to circulate in the Play Store, as well as other ad blocker application.

The difference this time, developers deliver applications AdBlock as the browser itself, not as a plug-in for other browsers. Therefore, allow it to circulate in the Google Play Store.

While in plaform iOS, developers are releasing this application in anticipation before the IOS 9 are circulating. As reported earlier, Apple also allows the browser application is ad blocker in the IOS operating system 9.

AdBlock browser for Android can be downloaded in the Play Store via the following link. As for the iOS platform can be downloaded via the following link.
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